Creative Organizing Systems


Organize your home office by:
  • sorting and purging excess paper
  • creating a paper file management system
  • handling incoming mail
  • solving storage problems
  • designing your office space
  • organizing computer files
  • arranging for donation of unwanted items

Organize your personal finances by:
  • developing an asset inventory
  • setting up online banking
  • installing Quicken to track checking, savings and money market accounts
  • reconciling bank and credit card accounts monthly
  • monitoring investment accounts
  • obtaining credit reports annually
  • preparing documents for meetings with your accountant, attorney and financial advisor
  • helping set up spending plan (budget)
  • monitoring charitable contributions

Manage your time by:
  • identifying your scheduling challenges
  • analyzing your relationship to time
  • strategizing to find your priorities
  • selecting appropriate paper or electronic planners
  • helping you to set realistic goals for yourself
  • looking for ways to balance your schedule
  • setting realistic goals for work, family, etc.
  • learning to live the life you love